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When reading global surveys in this domain, the big question that is often encountered is: is there an African coaching model, approach or framework? Could it be different from what is happening currently in other parts of the world? Are there developments across the continent that the rest of the world could learn from on how to consult to Africa, or consult out of Africa? The purpose of this journal is to share


The SKAP Model of Accreditation

ABCCCP is establishing itself to be the Assessment Quality Partner within the qualifications framework of a representative country.

Suffice it to say our belief is that qualifications are at the centre of competency frameworks and we base our accreditation system on the SKARP Model, which places qualifications of evidencing thereof at the centre of the quality assurance process for practitioners.However as you will notice, experience, attributes and purpose are introduced to ensure a more balanced approach.

SKAP Framework


What can a professional do.


What does the professional knows about what they do.


What the personhood of the professional that the bring to bear on their work.


Why the professional is doing what they are doing.

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